Magic is Something you Experience

Delivering monthly Stories to your doorstep


At Hunt A Killer, our mission is to revolutionize the entertainment industry by challenging conventional forms of storytelling. We provide interactive entertainment experiences that position participants as characters in their very own thrilling murder mystery stories.

Founded in early 2016, Hunt A Killer started as an annual immersive thriller event at Camp Ramblewood, MD. Participants would work in teams to solve a weekend-long murder mystery. Although the event saw some initial success, co-founders Ryan Hogan and Derrick Smith realized that their dream of revolutionizing the entertainment industry could not come to fruition through a once-a-year event.

They took notice of the growing popularity in subscription boxes and saw an opportunity make their dream a reality. In October 2016, they pivoted their business model to deliver captivating, immersive mystery tales right to your doorstep through objects, letters, and clues from a fictional serial killer; hence, the Hunt A Killer Membership was born. Starting over was not easy. During those first few months, Derrick would pack all of the packages himself and ship them out right from his basement.

In The Press

We, Hunt A Killer, sell a subscription-based service that delivers a true-crime mystery to customers’ doorsteps every month. The mystery box includes “evidence,” witness statements, clues, notebooks, and other tools that engage users in an immersive storyline.

Hunt A Killer grew its member base from 50 in 2016 to more than 55,000 by the end of 2018, and has delivered more than 388,000 “episodes.” For every episode Hunt A Killer delivers, it contributes a portion of its proceeds to the Cold Case Foundation.

Hunt a Killer was named #10 most innovative companies in 2018 in the gaming category by Fast Company.